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Home = Under This Roof!

Home is what Under This Roof is all about!

Here you will find different topics that as women we face daily.

We wear many hats while juggling our family, our home, our work, our friends, our life.

 I invite you in to take a look around at the popular posts listed on the right, or at the bottom you will find the different topics!

Join me and let’s be friends, subscribe and get an email when an update is made and let’s discuss life Under THIS Roof.

It’s not just about my roof, but what takes place under your roof as well! 







I’m a wife of 24 years, mother of 3 kids; 16, 19 and 22, now a Mother In Law, pet owner of 2 dogs and a cat,. I'm living an imperfect life in a colonial home in suburbia trying to make everything around me perfect!

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