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Ding Dong – You have a Delivery!

If you like Under This Roof, imagine it coming to you at your home, to your door, in the form of a box with products and content EACH month, to your front door!!

3 days left to sign up for a chance to win a

FREE One Year Subscription!!

Sign up at!  You only have 3 days! AND, if you want more chances to enter, you only have 1 more day before we reveal how you can gain MORE entries!

3 days left

If this box isn’t for you, please share with a mom that you know could use some inspiration! It is about helping moms with children in grade school to high school, and, well, even transitioning to college, to learn to love their life again and realize that all these mundane chores are truly an honor to uplift, support, and love your family, by blessing their home, and creating an atmosphere that represents a safe place to fall, away from the hectic schedules, school, work, and all the other activities that pull us from our REAL quality time. It’s coming in the form of a monthly subscription box to their homes, a themed box that deals with relationships, finances, blessing their home and living intentionally. I am offering a ONE YEAR FREE subscription to women that sign up to enter, but there is only 3 days left.

perfectmomsIf you know of a mom that could use some inspiration through cleaning and life hacks, weekly memory verses, home decor products that enhance the content in the box from that month, and a private group to share in….then I’d be honored if you could help me share the word of this sign up before we officially launch on Feb 1st for sales.

I would greatly appreciate your help in getting the word out to help others! That is what we do. We find our tribe, and love them hard!


Thank you all, let’s just join together as a community and love each other!

~ RL

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