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24 hours left – Here’s your alert for FREE!

It Feels like forever, but it’s here! 

I decided last year that I wanted to be able to get out there and host some small groups and workshops based on Under This Roof and the concepts here as women just wanting to better ourselves in our ever-changing roles.

It was last November that I decided to take this idea a step further and create a monthly subscription box that would be delivered to women every month with resources and tools.  This box will come with home decor, jewelry, and many other unique items, some handcrafted, that will be visual cues in your environment to help you foster good habits while you CREATE Less Stress and More Time in your home and life.

On March 1st we will be going live for orders! We prelaunched our concept and there has been a great response from women all over the US that are interested in this new product. It’s like a BLOG come to life.  Life hacks, tips, tricks, and tools!


We will be focusing on topics such as Living Intentionally, Relationships, Finances, and Blessing Your Home! Everything from cleaning your home, to learning verses and quotes, to life hacks….each month will give you a booklet chock full of knowledge for you to start implementing immediately!


Actionable steps from the time you 

receive your box! 


If you haven’t signed up to receive your free MONTH, do so here!



But HURRY!  We will be drawing names of the winner of the FREE Month of a box on Wednesday the 28th at 8 pm (EST)

See you LIVE on FB!

Robie Lynn

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