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We are LIVE and Ready for You!

Finally it’s here!

Burlap and Daisies is now live and available for order!

The moment that many have been waiting for, has arrived! We were in the prelaunch stage for 2 months, and we are now active, LIVE and Ready for you!

 What is it?

Burlap and Daisies!

It’s a Monthly Subscription box that will be delivered to your door each month.

IMG_7835 (3)

What’s in it? 


It started with an idea of taking the concept and ideas of this blog, Under This Roof, and bringing it to life. Your favorite magazine, website, and purchasing various items, such as home decor, jewelry, outdoor, entertaining, etc. and packaging them all up in a box to send to your home. No more articles, life hacks, or great tips being lost on the world wide web to become forgotten. Here, you will be able to remember it using our resources and workbook.

The items included in the box will be hand selected to prime your environment with visual cues in your home, or workplace, that will relate to the articles, tips, tools, resources, etc. that will be provided in your book.

The retail value of this box filled with handmade, unique, products will host a retail value of $80-$100 in each box.

  • When you open your Burlap and Daisies Subscription box it will be filled with great gifts for yourself and your home with a retail value of $80-$100 each month.
  • A booklet will be presented each month that will relate to the items in the box. The purpose of these items are to prime your environment with visual cues of the information provided. The items/products, knowledge, articles, resources, tips, and tools included each month will be like having your own Life Coach at a fraction of the cost!hands-notebook-notes-view.jpg
  • Join a community of women, like you, as a member of a private Facebook Group that have subscribed and are looking for easy ways to help reduce their daily stress level. It will give you and others opportunities to post about your frustrations and weaknesses, and in turn, offer to others as well.
  • This group will also offer guests “appearances” from other professionals in the Home Decor, Fitness, Beauty, Finance, Inspiration, and many other industries that will share videos and challenges! This will help keep you engaged throughout the month to stay on track while you foster these new habits!


Whether you are the quiet shy type and are looking to just quietly read and scroll along or maybe meet new friends, this group will be for you! 



How it works!

Go to Burlap and Daisies and Learn More! 

  1. Place your Order by the 14th of the month to ensure you get the current box!
  2. We will ship your box out on the 28th so it’s received at the beginning of the next month .
  3. All new subscribers will receive their Introductory Box that will get you started with immediate actionable steps that will begin to create more time in your day with new routines and habits!

Get ready to start Loving the Mundane Chores and Routines again!

Make 2018 Your Year of MORE Time & LESS Stress! 

Get Started NOW!  


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