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Who told you that? Like UGH! Really?

Who Told You That?


Who told you that you are worthless?

Who told you that you could never do that?

Who told you that bad things could never happen to good people?


This little southern lady, full of passion, this lady, Beth Moore spells it out! It’s in Black and White that we are loved! We are made by the God! We are named by him, ever hair on our head! So who has the right to make us feel any thing less than what God created?


1 Thessalonians 4:7

God hasn’t invited us into a disorderly unkempt life but into something holy and beautiful – as beautiful on the inside and the outside!


Ladies, it’s our own beliefs that we need to trust. Not those of others! Not those by looks. No one. Close you eyes and feel the breath of God as he is your maker. He has given you a gift within you to use for the good and love others! This gift is yours, unique, to you! You looks, your style, your personality. HE created you!


loving you …and really! WHO TOLD YOU….God did not!


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What every Daughter desires to hear from her Mom!

I loved this article written on Club 31 Women and wanted to share with you. A bond between a mom and her daughter is very special, and so different with each one of us. Even as this states, relationships move and breathe and change over time, but, we all long for the same thing…to be loved and recognized.


An excerpt from Club 31 Women, Lisa Jacobson

It’s not easy to define what success in a relationship means because relationship is a very fluid thing.

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It moves and breathes.

It changes with time.

I will listen.

It’s no secret that girls are usually talkers. We have lots to say, and even if we don’t initiate the conversation, it’s very likely we still have lots to say. If your girl is a talker: let her. If she is quiet, give her time and space to open up. Create opportunities for her to tell you the secret things.

I value you.

The power a mother has over self-esteem cannot be measured. It is limitless. Communicating and saying, I value who YOU are as a personI value your giftsI value who you were made to be, can change your daughter’s life. It can give strength to her soul. It will give her the strength to fly. Every girl is different. Value her, just for her.

You are my friend.

Your daughter will always have to face enemies. So make sure she knoimages (34)ws you are her friend. Be on on her team. You are rooting for her. Include her in your life. Ask her advice. Tell her that you are going to be best friends for life. As she grows older, eventually, this can come true.

And lastly,

I love youno matter what.

Love is transcendental. Love is safety. Love is approval. Give your daughter your love. Tell her. Show her. Approve of her with your looks. If she is different than you, rejoice in her                                                          giftings. Don’t try to make her like you.

So there it is.

And mamma, you just hang in there with that little girl. We grow up. But we will always need you.

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Whether you are the mom or the daughter as you read this…let’s all make sure to give each other the love, the value, and the friendship that we all long for.