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This isn’t just college, he’s really going, going on his own.

One of the reasons I started this blog was at the advice of my son and husband due to the upcoming wedding of my son. Well I am on the countdown and it’s only 15 days away. I am now feeling the pressure which is a little different since I haven’t been that involved.
Well, let’s just say that has been hard since I spent 7 years as a wedding an event planner. Now, I agree that was from 1995 to 2002 and well, that makes me sound like an outdated wedding and event planner, but let’s just say… a wedding is a wedding.

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12 Money saving secrets stores don’t want you to know!

Let’s face it! They think they are fooling us with all of their sales prices! Right?  Well ok I am sure you are like me and still love a good SALE!  I do believe Kohl’s was the store to start it, but we know the truth. We all know that they aren’t sales, it’s all just a “pretty tag” to create urgency!

So, with that, we all also know that we prefer to buy ONLY when it’s “on sale”. Free Shipping! Remember 2 years ago when it seemed like we had FREE Shipping on everything. I think that was at Christmas, then the following year they felt they had to follow through, and now it seems if you aren’t on Amazon Prime, you are paying $7.95 PLUS for shipping!

It’s a way of life, but there are a few ways to get past paying these sale prices, or the (cough {ahem} full price)  Here are 12 ways to SAVE money on purchases, mainly appliances, BUT, I am sure you can see how these can work for SO MANY other wanted and needed items in our life!


1. Look beyond advertised prices

Have you noticed that when shopping for bigger items online or look at store circulars, all the prices are pretty much the same? That’s because big manufacturers dictate the minimum prices stores can advertise. But that doesn’t mean the actual cost is the same across the board.

  1. “They can sell it for less, but they can’t advertise it for less,” says Kevin Brasler, executive editor of consumer watchdog Checkbook. That means if you just do something—such as click a button online or approach a sales associate in a store—you can often buy the product for less cash. Sometimes a lot less.

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Permission to Spend? Oh thank you!

Instead of looking at a budget as confining, start to realize that it really is allowing you to SPEND your money.

I have started using a free online budgeting tool called Every Dollar and it allows me to create and edit our budget monthly to meet our needs.  It’s me telling my money where to go! YES, I love that!

Giving every dollar a purpose and budgeting my money to the penny allows me to put the “Extra” where it needs to go, either savings or additional on a bill.

Stock PhotosI haven’t mastered this budget concept and even fail monthly, but this tool is VERY helpful to see where our money is spent.  Try it out! It’s FREE!

Every Dollar Budgeting tool

It’s a process, you will get through it, think of the end result!!