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Who Are We To Judge?

This 2 minute video is truly a little eye opener as to WHO we are and HOW we quickly judge others, and then we wonder why we are so hard on ourselves.  We try so hard to be perfect and expect others to be perfect, yet it is GOD who has made us perfect…so for us, we can remain PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.  – Luke 12:7


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This isn’t just college, he’s really going, going on his own.

One of the reasons I started this blog was at the advice of my son and husband due to the upcoming wedding of my son. Well I am on the countdown and it’s only 15 days away. I am now feeling the pressure which is a little different since I haven’t been that involved.
Well, let’s just say that has been hard since I spent 7 years as a wedding an event planner. Now, I agree that was from 1995 to 2002 and well, that makes me sound like an outdated wedding and event planner, but let’s just say… a wedding is a wedding.

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“Feel” was not on the To Do list, but it made it’s way, thankfully!

48 hours ago I found myself starting this weekend with “no plan”.  I had a LONG “To do list”, but no plan. I knew what needed to be accomplished. I knew what my “stressors” were and what I should have accomplished in order to help ease my mind. I also knew what I really “wanted” to do. I do live a life of several personalities. Just as much as I love to be inside cleaning and “blessing my home”,  I also desire to be “learning” and planning  to Live Intentional and work on my future.  But, with that, I long to be out socializing with my friends as I see their pictures pop up on Facebook. I just know that for now, ” I need to live like no one else, so I can live like no else” in the future!

There is a sidepexels-photo-273132 of me that does love to be outside! Yes this a shocker to some. Wally has always been in charge of the outside of the house, but I do LOVE to Bless my home outside, in my own way. I tend to allow that to be the last place to be, I only have the weekend hours to take care of the Morrison’s so I end up spending more weekends working and doing and being side.

However, as the weekend progressed, I spontaneously got out of the house Saturday and decided to try 2 places to find my MOG dress. (oh for those not following, Mother of the Groom ALMOST purchased one but I really struggled with the price, and the fact that I would need to purchase my first pair of Spanks, and trust me, there was no forgiveness in this material, so it would have run from my ankles to my boobs! So, I snapped out of that, and walked out!

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