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When your kids are watching…your marriage!


I came across this article and I think it’s important that we remember that they our children are always watching, no matter what age. I am sure we had our opinions on our own parent’s marriages, and know exactly what we wanted to take from them and mimic in our own marriage, and what we definitely did NOT want to mimic. 

Now that we are approaching the times when we see our sons and daughters getting married we can only pray that we have been good role models for them through the years! Maybe it’s time to take a moment and examine your relationship? Check out these 10 characteristics below, how many do you and your husband demonstrate? 


When I speak on marriage, I’m always asked if I intentionally taught my kids about marriage.

The answer is yes… and, no.

Yes, there are times when we’ve talked specifically about marriage (either ours or ones that our kids have observed). But, for the most part, Cathy and I have been wise enough to know that our kids are constantly watching and learning from us. Our actions (both good and bad) are always teaching them about marriage.

I would be thrilled if my kids had a similar type of marriage that Cathy and I share… it’s definitely not perfect, but we’re both very proud of what we’ve developed over 30 years.

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In that moment I felt it, the next phase of life has truly begun.


Standing there being a part of his bride-to-be choosing a dress to be his wife was more emotional than I could have ever imagined!!!!

I was invited to be a part of my daughter in law-to-be’s  search for the perfect wedding gown. This is very different than we did ovwedding-boutiqueer 20 years  ago, now you take the entire entourage, the bridesmaids, maid of honor, etc.  Personally, that would have been too many opinions for me, but it’s a new thing, and undoubtedly because of the years of the hit show “Say Yes to the Dress” it has become a much bigger deal than an intimate setting.

I was honored to be asked, but I did feel a little out of place as the Mother of the Groom. (I refer to myself as the MOG) However, my daughters are bridesmaids and this was the first time meeting the “in-laws” as well. What input did I have? How are we suppose to help pick out a dress, THE DRESS that she would like? Well, it wasn’t so bad and Rylie and I began looking through all the dresses and we happened to find a few that we liked, and she liked as well. They gathered all of the dresses from her holding rack and we all took our place over at the pedestals and waited for her to come out in the gowns.

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