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Who Are We To Judge?

This 2 minute video is truly a little eye opener as to WHO we are and HOW we quickly judge others, and then we wonder why we are so hard on ourselves.  We try so hard to be perfect and expect others to be perfect, yet it is GOD who has made us perfect…so for us, we can remain PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.  – Luke 12:7


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Social, but oh so lonely!


Sure, I’ve done part my part in the world wide web of social media! I have liked and now LOVED my share of photos and left plenty of well-meaning comments, thrown around an array of emojis and shared my fill of inspirational quotes. I have been connected, to say the least. But, sadly, I haven’t experienced much life hanging out with my girlfriends this year; and it’s left me feeling a little lonely and frustrated. I noticed that I have backed off from Facebook a bit, along with the other social media sites as well.


In a world overloaded with tweets, texts, and selfies we keep our heads down, eyes glued to our phones, afraid if we don’t, we’ll miss out; when all the while (ironically) we’re missing out on the very world around us. I mean, people don’t actually go out to dinner and just have a good one on one conversation anymore, do they? My husband and I used to laugh, as I am sure you did, that when we were able to get out to dinner by ourselves, we spent the night talking about our children.  Now, we both will pick up our phones and talk about what’s on social media.

Whether we like to admit it or not, social media, overall has taken a toll on our relationships—particularly our friendships. That’s not to say that social media is pure evil, it’s just that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the like have forever reshaped the way we relate to one another. Gradually, it seems social media has altered the parameters of friendship, and frankly, it’s sad. In looking back over the past year, 8 years that I have been on Facebook, I’ve discovered six areas where social media is wreaking havoc on our friendships.

  • It Creates a False Sense of Intimacy

Social media makes us feel like we know people better than we really do. True, we are caught up in their lives, well, the portion they want you to see. So, let’s
get one thing straight: Liking someone’s photos on Instagram does not make a friendship genuine relationships take time and communication—preferably face-to-face.

Lasting friendships are built on far more than a Facebook history. They’re forged in the fire of life’s peaks and valleys. They’re held together by more undocumented memories than documented ones, and these are known as the sincere moments. The intimate moments shared between friends.

It’s only in our mess, in our brokenness, when we can become fully known. The friends who know us best are those who have seen us at our worst — and loved us any way.

While social media may help us keep up with friends—especially those who live far away it can’t replace personal communication and shared experience. You can only intimately get to know someone through spending time with them in person, not solely online.

  • It Fosters Illusions of Community

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We all have stories…and chapters…of imperfection.

I feel privileged that I came across this post from a friend of mine today.  There are so many of us that are just open books and share everything, and for those that are more private sometimes us “sharers” can’t understand how they can do that, how do you not go crazy keeping it all in. However, there are definitely times in my life where, frankly, I am glad that I don’t have to share, if I don’t want to. Some of life’s issues are between Me, and God. This is a great reminder of that, after all, GOD is the one that we can turn to for strength!


Some things are meant to go through with as few people knowing as possible, it’s what show true character in yourself and those around you…

Thursday morning and ready for a new day. 😀Spending time in His word before the day starts and I am reminded…we all have stories and chapters in our life that we do not share, nor do we have to. Some things are meant to go through with as few people knowing as possible, it’s what show true character in yourself and those around you. With Him I can do it all and that is a great comfort….it’s only Him that has the perfection to be what I need! – Christina

I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. Phil 4:13


So – Here is to a NEW day for you of trying, restarting, or beginning, and most importantly, remembering YOU ARE IMPERFECT and that is ok!