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Home = Under This Roof!

Home is what Under This Roof is all about! Here you will find different topics that as women we face daily. We wear many hats while juggling our family, our home, our work, our friends, our life.  I invite you in to take a look around at the popular posts listed on the right, or… Continue reading Home = Under This Roof!

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Who Are We To Judge?

This 2 minute video is truly a little eye opener as to WHO we are and HOW we quickly judge others, and then we wonder why we are so hard on ourselves.  We try so hard to be perfect and expect others to be perfect, yet it is GOD who has made us perfect...so for… Continue reading Who Are We To Judge?

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If You Quit Pedaling, the Bike will Fall Over…with You On It!

I hear this little melody playing from my phone starting off so softly and gradually getting a little louder, and a little louder, my eyes begin to open and very quickly I come to recognize that same ol' feeling of hopelessness and sadness that just screams, "but I don't wanna get up!" I am NOT… Continue reading If You Quit Pedaling, the Bike will Fall Over…with You On It!